As an owner or manager of any type of building, whether it be a hotel, a school or a manufacturing facility, you need to maintain a comfortable, safe, and efficient indoor environment. Heat pipes in the air conditioning system provide the most economical means available to maintain superior indoor air quality, while providing a return on investment.

According to a recent study by the EPA and the Department of Energy, heat pipes not only dehumidify the conditioned air for health and comfort, they provide tremendous energy savings over active dehumidification methods. In the EPA Heat Pipe Effectiveness Study, dehumidifier heat pipes provided a payback on the entire cost of installation in less than 3 years.

Because heat pipes are passive, with no moving parts, they are virtually maintenance free. This aspect is a welcome change for maintenance personnel and owners alike. Typically, heat pipes outlast the HVAC system itself. Heat Pipes can be used in numerous applications including Hotels, Schools, Restaurants and Industry.

Less operational costs/ quick payback on investment
Dehumidification and superior indoor air quality
Comfort greatly enhanced
Prevents costly damage to interiors by moisture/saves remodeling costs
Prevents odors caused by moisture (mold growth)

Tremendous energy savings
No cross-contamination of air streams
No "Tilt" mechanism to break down or maintain
Ventilation in all seasons
Controllable heat pipes
Very efficient and effective